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The mandate of the division is to provide support to the Organisation in the domains of mechanical and electronic engineering and in the related technologies and tools, including information systems support and positioning metrology and surveying. In particular for the LHC project the  EST division is involved in the installation coordination and commissioning of the machine and experimental areas, as well as providing  assistance to the experiments.


                                          Division Leader:  P. CIRIANI          DAO  :  C. Oberto
                                   DPO  :  C. Genier
                                                               Deputy:           K. Potter            DSO :  F. Thizy
                                                               Secretary:        S. Roulet                DTO  :  M. Taborelli

Design & manufacture of electronic modules
Group Leader: E. van der Bij
 Deputy:    M. D'auria

Administration and Planning

Group Leader:
C. Genier
  Deputy:       F. Thizy

LHC Installation Coordination
Group Leader:  C. Hauviller
Deputy:        R. Saban

Information Systems Support
Group Leader: T. Pettersson
 Deputy:        C. Delamare

Coordination of LHC experimental areas
Group Leader: K. Potter
 Deputy:    E. Tsesmelis

Mechanical design and engineering
Group Leader: T. Kurtyka
 Deputy:       M. Mayer

Manufacturing Facilities
Group Leader: R. Folch

Deputy:      M. Polini
Surface and Material Technologies
Group Leader: C. Benvenuti
Deputy:       J. P. Bacher

Positioning Metrology and Surveying
Group Leader: M. Mayoud
Deputy:      J.P. Quesnel

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